• Lovesong

    Afaf Zurayk

    An exquisite celebration of one of the deepest and strongest of human emotions.

  • Vanished

    Ahmed Masoud

    A fictional story set against the political unrest in Palestine, following a young boy trying to find his father.

  • Nostos

    Maath al-Alousi

    Despite the layer of a sweet sadness that is suspended over it, the city does not sleep at night...

  • Rue du Mexique

    Suhail Bulos

    From tales of surreptitious teenage romances in Jerusalem, to day-long curfews during the Lebanese civil war and a renegade rooster in Beirut.

  • To Palestine with Love

    Najwa Kawar Farah

    Najwa Kawar Farah relates emotions of love and longing in this moving collection of poetry and paintings.

  • Glafkos Clerides

    Niyazi Kizilyurek

    An intellectual journey in the modern political history of Cyprus.

  • Threads of Identity

    Widad Kamel Kawar

    A record of 50 years Kawar spent researching, collecting and preserving part of the Palestinian heritage.

  • Palestinian Embroidery Motifs

    Margarita Skinner

    The tradition of embroidery is one of the great art forms of village life in Palestine.

  • Jerusalemites

    Dr Hazem Zaki Nusseibeh

    As a senior politician and diplomat, the lure of Jerusalem, the city of his birth, remained strong.


The Rimal Story

Our philosophy at Rimal Publications is to continue to make our mark through books which are inspired by individuality and fueled by the need to build bridges between cultures.


Our Story

Rimal Publications was established 1993 in Cyprus by Nora Shawwa. We are an independent publishing house that focuses on only a few titles per year on topics such as art, culture, history, travel, educational and children books. Rimal's underlying objective is to build bridges between cultures and enlighten the world at large about the rich history, culture and traditions of this part of the world.

You can find our books worldwide at hand selected book shops, concept stores, museum shops and through our website.

How it all began

Nora Shawwa first establised Rimal Publications to produce beautiful children's books, with the aim of encouraging young readers in the Arab world. Part of its beginnings, Rimal published the first comprehensive full-colour illustrated Arabic/Arabic Dictionary for Children in the elementary and intermediate levels, an achievement hailed in educational circles across the region.


Over the years, Rimal has come to be recognized for publishing books in both the English and Arabic languages that introduce readers to the unique cultural richness of the Middle East and the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Partners & Associations

Through our select partnerships, Rimal Publications reaches a worldwide audience through focused distribution, special events and launches, direct online marketing campaigns, as well as books sold through traditional means including bookstores and major online outlets.


Member of The Independent Publishers Guild - London, UK
Member of The Cyprus Publishers Association - Nicosia, Cyprus


منشورات الرمال

منشورات الرمال تأسست في قبرص في العام 1993 واهتمت أولاً بكتب الأطفال ثم وسّعت مروحة اهتماماتها لتشمل مواضيع في الفن والتاريخ والسياسة والثقافة، مرتبطة كلها بالشرق الاوسط. وتقوم مؤسستها نورا الشوّا أن منشورات رمال تسعى لتكون جسراً بين الحضارات.



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