• Glafkos Clerides

    Niyazi Kizilyurek

    An intellectual journey in the modern political history of Cyprus.

  • Vanished

    Ahmed Masoud

    A fictional story set against the political unrest in Palestine, following a young boy trying to find his father.

  • Lovesong

    Afaf Zurayk

    An exquisite celebration of one of the deepest and strongest of human emotions.

  • Rue du Mexique

    Suhail Bulos

    From tales of surreptitious teenage romances in Jerusalem, to day-long curfews during the Lebanese civil war and a renegade rooster in Beirut.

  • Jerusalemites

    Dr Hazem Zaki Nusseibeh

    As a senior politician and diplomat, the lure of Jerusalem, the city of his birth, remained strong.

  • To Palestine with Love

    Najwa Kawar Farah

    Najwa Kawar Farah relates emotions of love and longing in this moving collection of poetry and paintings.

  • Palestinian Embroidery Motifs

    Margarita Skinner

    The tradition of embroidery is one of the great art forms of village life in Palestine.

  • Threads of Identity

    Widad Kamel Kawar

    A record of 50 years Kawar spent researching, collecting and preserving part of the Palestinian heritage.

  • Nostos

    Maath al-Alousi

    Despite the layer of a sweet sadness that is suspended over it, the city does not sleep at night...


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February 24, 1997

INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE - Book Review of Life at the Crossroads

Since January, when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of and the Palestinian Authority president, Yasser Arafat, sealed the long awaited agreement to redeploy Israeli troops in Hebron and for Palestinian self-rule, the Authority's main seat in Gaza comes into central focus. Could this tiny strip, squeezed along the Mediterranean coast between and and packed with nearly a million inhabitants, become the nucleus of Arafat's projected Palestinian state? To attempt an answer, you need a lot of historical, economic and demographic information, not easily available between two covers.


Gerald Butt, a distinguished British correspondent, born and brought up in the Middle East and educated in London, has provided considerable such information in his slim but incisive book. He has used classical historical research, a tool most newsmen neglect these days, to connect Gaza 's long and turbulent past to its more familiar present.


A great merit of this book is that Butt places the grim present and uncertain future of Gaza in historical perspective. His first 10 chapters conduct us through the periods of the Biblical Philistines, 's Pharaohs, Babylon's Nebuchadnezzar and assorted other early rulers of Gaza, from Judas Macabee of the Jewish nationalists to Rome 's Pompey and Herod. The Knights Templar, succeeded by Arab, Turkish and Mameluke rulers, carry the turbulent drama, easy to imagine as a film, down to the 20th-century struggles of and Palestine.


Review by John K. Cooley - International Herald Tribune

John K. Cooley, ABC News correspondent based in and author of "Green March, Black September: The story of Palestinian Arabs." wrote this for the International Herald Tribune.

International Herald Tribune - February 24, 1997

Life at the Crossroads
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