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A Search in Secret Egypt

A land of ancient magic, mysteries and initiations

The principal fascination of this book revolves around Dr Brunton's preoccupation with the mysteries of the pyramids themselves. While spending a night of solitude, silence and darkness inside one of the pyramids - a feat requiring considerable nerve - the author claims to have come into contact with many strange forces. He proceeds to support the theory that the pyramids and the Sphinx were created by emigrant colonists from Atlantis who had command of the elemental spirits and so were capable of working many miracles.

Another compelling section of the book records Dr Brunton's association with Tahra Bey, Egypt's most famed fakir, who, in the presence of a critical company of medical men, entered into a self-induced trance. In this condition he endured an amazing series of physical tortures, and at the end of this performance agreed to be buried alive for an hour and a half. He emerged from these ordeals with no apparent harm.

The spiritual mysteries and magic of the Orient are timeless and Dr Brunton's profound experience and insight into these matters have produced a unique book.


Paul Brunton (1898-1981) is widely recognized as one of the 20th century's most eloquent and reliable writers on the timeliness and sources of timeless wisdom. His many books and personal example continue to inspire many current teachers and writers in the fields of spiritual development and personal growth. Born in London in 1898, he traveled widely for most of his life and published 11 books between 1934 and 1952. Another 19 books have been published since 1984 from the voluminous notebooks he reserved for posthumous publication.


Size: 130 x 215 mm
288 pages with B/W photographs
Condition: Good, slight shelf wear
Rider, London, 1969
Language: English
ISBN: 9780090413317


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Category: History & Memoirs