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Hand Embroidered Bookmark - Leech

Palestinian embroidery is more than a mere art form, it is a living heritage.

Our Rimal bookmarks collection will help you stay on pace with your favorite book.

This elegant bookmark features the embroidery motif originating from Ramallah, Hebron and southern Palestine called 'Leech' ('Ollaiq). The boarder design is known as 'Chicken Feet' (Ijrain el-Jajeh) with 6 distinct silk thread colors.


To learn more about Palestinian embroidery motifs and designs, read Palestinian Embroidery Motifs: A Treasury of Stitches 1850-1950 by Margarita Skinner.

Part of one of our bestselling sets, this exceptionally rich hand-embroidered bookmark was custom made especially for the Rimal Collection. 

* Proceeds from this order were contributed to support the women behind the embroidered works.


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