Warwick Ball

Persian Landscape: A Photographic Essay

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1st Edition / 1st Print

The very name of Persia is evocative of mystery and magic, of nightingales and roses. Gardens and especially carpets are indissolubly linked with Persia in people's minds, whist the land itself conjures up thoughts of great armies marching and wheeling across vast spaces, of Cyrus the Great uniting his people of found an empire, of Alexander's armies destroying one empire to create another, and the majestic ruins brooding over empty deserts. This land has always been the cultural heartland of Asia, with armies and travelers carrying its influence and heritage to the Mediterranean, Central Asia and India. But what of this land itself, the land that gave birth to so much diversified splendour?

The two photographers - Warwick Ball and Antony Hutt - have captured the emotional beauty of Iran's landscape with their eyes and the photographic image has been faithfully reproduced on the following pages.

210 x 210 mm
1st Edition with 59 color plates
Hardcover without dust jacket
Scorpion Publishing, UK
Language: English
ISBN 0 905906 010 1
Book Condition: Good
Cover: No dust jacket

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