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The Qur'an and the West

The Qur'an and the West
Some Minding Between

by Kenneth Cragg

‘Islam and the West’ is an over-worked formula among pundits and journalists – in any context – ‘and’ is too versatile a word to escape confusion. ‘The West and Islam’ certainly belong together as never so urgently before but the formula deserves to be more rigorously explored.

One way of doing so is to move to ‘the Qur’an and the West’ for ‘Some Minding Between’ the original, defining text of Islam and the current pre-possessions of Western thought and culture. This can readily bring into focus themes that prejudice and enmity would never identify.

Profound common issues are evident on every hand – meaning via language, the authority of ‘text’, the role of ‘reading’, the sanctions of truth, the moral nature of power, the use and abuse of science. What of this sacramental earth in human custody, the discipline of technology and the pride of nations on a single planet? How do we understand and pursue this moral tenancy of time and place? What ought ritualised faith to mean in relevance to contemporary life? How might divergent ‘establishments’ ‘do justly, love mercy and walk humbly’?

216 x 138 mm
236 pages
Melisende Publishing, UK
ISBN 978-1-901764-43-7


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