Robert Hillenbrand

The Architecture of Ottoman Jerusalem

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The Architecture of Ottoman Jerusalem
by Robert Hillenbrand

This book is intended to serve as an easily accessible introduction to the architecture of Ottoman Jerusalem, which forms the backdrop to the world-famous sacred buildings which are the goal of thousands of visitors each year. Most of the Ottoman public monuments were built for pious purposes, modest in scale, but often richly ornamented. They include fountains, study cells, commemorative domed structures, open air mihrabs, minarets and Sufi convents, as well as grander enterprises like the encircling city walls and restorations to the Citadel and the Dome of the Rock. These buildings, like the pre-modern urban fabric into which they are so comfortably integrated, testify to the solid affection which Jerusalem has inspired in its Muslim citizens over the past five centuries.


260 x 200 mm
127 pages

Altajir World of Islam Trust (2002)
ISBN 978-1901435092

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