Ishak M. Husaini

The Moslem Brethren

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The Moslem Brethren, The Greatest of Modern Islamic Movements
by Ishak M. Husaini

It must be brought out at this point that the primary problem facing the Moslem world today is this: How to acquire the elements of modern civilization without losing sight of religious principles. In this rests the challenge which both East and West, or more correctly, which the modern era presents Islam.

This makes it imperative that the following three pre-requisites be fulfilled:

1. A thorough understanding of modern civilization based on deep experience and intelligent study. It is false to claim that this civilization is Western or Eastern. It is a human endeavour in which the Moslems have had an undeniable share. Rejection of such civilization and a claim of self-sufficiency can only put the Moslem hundreds of years into the past.

2. A thorough understanding of religion and a sifting of the chaff from the grain and the lasting from the temporary. So much dust has collected around the central core of Islam in the form of tenuous beliefs and superstitions that a radical operation is needed in order to restore to religion its original lustre.

3. -- Freedom of discussion breaks the bonds of tradition, leads to new deductions and achievements, returns to the individual his self-respect and to the mind its eminence. Freedom of thought is the torch lighting people upon their course; without it no nation can come out of darkness nor see its way to good, truth, and progress.

This book was not written for the Brethren or against them, but constitutes a purely scientific historical survey of the movement from its birth to the present day. Such a survey requires that equal emphasis be given to all aspects, good or bad, and that no attempt be made to embellish or detract. The movement, quite apart from its qualities and shortcomings, has created an influence on recent history that cannot be overlooked. This influence is manifest in the many books on Islam written by the Brethren and by their enemies.


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