Understanding Islam

Frithjof Schuon

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Understanding Islam
by Frithjof Schuon

'The reader closes the book with a feeling of spiritual refreshment and realization of the timelessness and ultimate indivisibility of truth.' - Asia and Africa Review

Islam has been more misunderstood than any other religion. In this book, which has long been regarded as a classic of its kind, Frithjof Schuon explains the basis of Islamic belief 'from within'. T.S. Eliot described Schuon as the most impressive writer in the field of comparative religion that he had ever encountered. Taking as his point of departure the theme that Islam is 'the meeting between God and Man', Schuon brilliantly and lucidly expounds the Islamic view of life, the role of the Prophet and the Quran, and the nature of Sufism and the path of spiritual ascent.

Frithjof Schuon (1907-1998), of Switzerland, is best known as the foremost spokesman of the “Traditionalist” or “Perennialist” school and as a philosopher in the metaphysical current of Shankara and Plato. He has written more than two dozen books on metaphysical, spiritual, artistic, and ethnic themes and was a regular contributor to journals on comparative religion in both Europe and America. Schuon’s writings have been consistently featured and reviewed in a wide range of scholarly and philosophical publications around the world, respected by both scholars and spiritual authorities.


200 x 120 mm
160 pages
Mandala Books, London
ISBN 0-04-297035-0


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