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Lebanon's Art on the Road

It was just like any other day, being stuck in Beirut traffic with nothing to do but look around when I noticed the Arabic word Mahrooseh (protected) on the back of a large truck in front of me. As I was there for a while, I started noticing the detailed art and hand-drawn vernacular calligraphy, the evil eye, the cedars and many decorative patterns. That was when I was inspired to begin this journey of photographing and documenting as many trucks as I could all over Lebanon.

Lebanon, a country that is small in size, yet large in its cultural diversity. From its rare and beautiful traditions are the sayings on most trucks, especially the ones for goods transportation that are common across the country. Wherever you are you will rarely find a truck without a proverb painted on it; be it a saying, a joke, part of a song, or a passing thought. They are beautifully decorated to elaborate the meaning. But most of them are used to ward off the evil eye.

Falak Shawwa is a photographer with a passion to document the experiences and journeys of different people and the richness of their cultures. Her work has been exhibited in London, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Dubai, Beirut and Cyprus.

size 190 x 240 mm
160 pages (English/Arabic)
color photographs and graphics
ISBN 978 9963 715 16 9

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Mahrooseh Sale price€30.00

Customer Reviews

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Jalal Luqman
A journey of passion and pictures

I just managed to land back on my feet after a hectic few days. And finally managed to sit down and indulge in your journey (Mahroosah).

It was as if I were on the trip myself, the passion, the beauty found in the most unexpected places, and a book worth reading.

The pictures showed the eye of an avid photographer who could capture beauty beyond the normal eye.

And reaching the end was just as saddening, when such a great journey comes to an end....only to guve way to a new beginning.


Rabih Yazbeck

A fabulous book, full of fascinating information and magnificent photographs. A book you can dip into time and time again to relive memories and stories. The book felt like a journey of people and cultures, a beautiful and inspiring visual documentary. I can't imagine a better book and photographs on this subject! Outstanding. Highly recommended.

Ramy Nehme
Mahrooseh Ktir

Well. This was one of the best books I have read. And I have read a lot!!!
Really now. The book just amazes me. Each page made me go like 'HOW??! HOW did she think of it??!'
And yet. It takes people like Falak to see those little details you pass by everyday without even noticing them. Well. She made a book about them. And a very interesting one.
Made me smile through it all. Thank you so much Falak for letting us into your lens a bit

Enno Heidtmann
Fine details from drivers culture

The author Falak has managed to capture the heart of the people in Lebanon with fine and small attitudes. If you don't know this country yet, you'll want to experience it now. Falak is a photographer who attaches great importance to details, what you see in her work. I ordered it in Germany and can also say: fantastically fast shipping and great support.


Just ordered Mahrooseh and I cannot wait to get my copy. I have seen some of these sayings on trucks in Lebanon, some were funny jokes and others striking truths.

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