Rue de Mexique & Other Stories

Rimal Publications has held a launch for the book "Rue du Mexique and Other Stories" by Suhail Bulos. The book is in English and consists of 128 pages, in which the author narrates the story of 60 years of life, from the romances of his adolescence in Jerusalem to confronting the difficulties of life during the protracted Lebanese war.


The writer, Dr Suhail Bulos, is an orthopedic surgeon at the American University Hospital in Beirut who recently retired after 47 years of service; he lives together with his wife in Beirut and they have 3 daughters and 6 grandchildren.

Rimal Publications was established in Cyprus in 1993. To begin with, it focused on children's books and then expanded its scope of interest to include topics such as art, history, politics, and culture, all of which are linked to the Middle East. Its founder Nora al Shawwa says that Rimal Publications aspires to be a bridge between cultures.

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