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AL QUSD AL ARABI - Life at the Crossroads

May 25, 2009

AL QUSD AL ARABI - Life at the Crossroads

All the invaders who set up camp in the city or on its borders left their mark, before moving on. But what the invaders left in the psyche of the people of Gaza was a hatred of occupation. Centuries of war implanted in the hearts of the inhabitants both a loathing of occupation and the spirit of resistance. Gaza was at the forefront of the fedayeen resistance after the 1967 war, and the 1987 intifada began in the territory. From Gaza , too, sprang hope and the rivers of dreams. And Gaza has remained, as it is today, a city on the sea, dreaming of the sea.

Extract from a review by Ibrahim Darwish published in AL QUSD AL ARABI

Volume 21 - Issue 6211 - Monday 25 May 2009 - Page 10
The review was published in Arabic in AL QUSD AL ARABI newspaper.

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