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KUNSTEN - We come with culture!

June 19, 2012

KUNSTEN - We come with culture!

From 2008 to 2009 stood the two groups of artists YNKB (Outer Nørrebro Culture Bureau) and Parfyme behind the establishment of a 'folk museum' in the village of Birzeit in Palestine.

Right now you can gain a unique insight into YNKBs practice in the newly published book about the project in People's Musesum Birzeit (Rimal Publications).

It is a special museum and project, and the published book is an excellent witness. Here it becomes clear that an artistic process with a specific product in mind, may still be attentive and flexible in the extreme. Some might argue that such a project becomes vague and unprofessional of the very same reasons. In the present material and book it becomes evident that art is not only productive but also a great tool to listen, absorb and engage with.


A personal story

It's what the People's Museum is all about. A model that does not come from outside, but which is formulated on the spot with the people representing the museum. Residents of Birzeit themselves design, build, populate, communicate and fill their museum with the objects and stories that matter and have long meant a lot to them.

It ended up in everything from ancient pots, dishes, photographs and textiles to a large model of the city's current architecture, where portraits of the residents on every building and thus presenting a personified story about life in Birzeit.


People's Museum - Birzeit, 268 pages.

Text in English and Arabic. Can be purchased from the publisher Rimal Publications for $ 25 or ordered from YNKB for Dkr. 175


By Matthias Hvass Borello

parts of the full article were translated from Danish