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SAUDI ARAMCO WORLD - Historic Nicosia

October 01, 2014

SAUDI ARAMCO WORLD - Historic Nicosia

Possibly the most comprehensive historical treatment of Cyprus's capital ever undertaken, this weighty volume portrays Nicosia from the Early Neolithic some 7000 years ago to its 1960 independence from Britain. The book's nine academic contributors rely extensively on archival sources and archeological findings, many previously unpublished.

Nicosia was conquered, pillaged and subjected to so many disasters that understanding it through archeology has proven challenging. Despite some overlap in coverage, attention to detail is evident page after page: for example, at the end of each historical phase is a complete list of rulers and officials. Descriptions of its varied and complex cultural and religious communities over the years put the reader on-site.

True to academic protocol, all references and sources are provided. But this monumental work is far from purely academic: with a friendly writing style and lavish illustrations, it will be just as welcome on the coffee table as in a university library.


- Graham Chandler