Kenneth Cragg

Am I Not Your Lord?

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Reviewing the long story and present relations of Islam and Christianity

What have ablutions at the mosque to do with the destruction of the World Trade Center on 11 September 2001? Rituals for cleansing are familiar in all the world religions but how do they belong with the structures of economic power and political passion? Are they only laundering exercises that leave untouched the guilt of high finance and the enmity of religious pride? How should an honest realism evaluate the role of religions in the global scene today? Where that inclusive question is resolved into the familiar formula of ‘Islam and the West', how should Muslims and Christians, present in both hemispheres, read their responsibility in faith and practice? This book takes up the tangled issues under the comprehensive question of Allah in the Qur'an (7.172) to world humanity: Am I not your Lord? It reviews the long story and present relations of Islam and Christianity. Their liability to the world moves honestly only in their interrogation of themselves.


Size 138 x 216 mm
256 pages
Melisende Publishing, UK, 2002
ISBN: 9781901764215

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