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Blue Fish's Secret Wish

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Dreams Can Come True!

Sara is a young fish who, although happy to play with her friends under the sea, harbors a secret wish to fly with the birds. Because of her kind nature, a fisherman/wizard grants her wish by giving her a pair of wings, but it is only with hard work and perseverance that Sara can soar up high in the clouds like she dreams.

Malouf named the title character after her young cousin who was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of two, being inspired by the young girl's positive outlook despite her illness.

*Recipient of the Sharjah Children's Book Award 2014

Size 290 x 250 mm
32 pages
ISBN: 978 9963 610 72 3


Blue Fish's Secret Wish
Blue Fish's Secret Wish Sale price€7.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Amazon Person
Love them

I bought this book for one of my niece's little girl who is going to first grade next year. I absolutely love the layout of the book and the illustrations of all pages. I bought also the second book (Bluefish & the Three Rs Plan) and the illustrations were even prettier than the first. I even had a friend visiting to who I showed the books and the first thing she asked about who did the illustrations as they are attractive. I hope my niece's little girl will enjoy them :-)

Karen Bonnet (New York)
A beautiful and inspirational children's book!

I read Ranya Malouf's wonderful picture book, Bluefish's Secret Wish and was uplifted by its inspirational message. I had the pleasure of sharing the story with my three year-old granddaughter, who was mesmerized by the story and the beautiful illustrations. Although she may not have understood the message to believe in yourself, as her young mind doesn't know not to, I explained what it meant to her. I would recommend this book to anyone with a pre-school youngster...I am sure it will benefit both adults and young minds!

Yvonne Capitelli "Author" (New York)
Beautiful and Inspiring

Bluefish's Secret Wish is a colorful and heartwarming story that will inspire children and adults to have faith, be determined and never give up on your dreams. Bluefish learns to keep hope close, believe in herself and to be positive. Whether you're 5 years old or 50, Bluefish's Secret Wish, by Ranya Malouf will leave a smile on your face.

Wonderful Book!

Readers of all ages will love learning about Bluefish's secret and its realization. Before even starting the story, you cannot help but notice that Bob Stuhmer's illustrations are beautifully rendered and well printed. This tale is both wholesome and inspirational without being at all heavy handed. Actually, Bluefish's initial inability to fully master the new skill she is given parallels the frustration and learning curve many of us experience when we finally attain a goal, and this makes the book's straightforward plot more realistic. I just sent a copy to a friend in Japan who admired it while visiting last year.

Bonnie Neely
Lovely for preschool

Bluefish's Secret Wish by Ranya Rafiq Malouf is illlustrated by Bob Stuhmer. This little preschool book is a very simple story about a fish who wants to fly and his wish is granted in a unique way. The illustrations are so beautiful and will be a favorite for the youngsters and the parents who read it aloud. The message is good: Believe in yourself and keep trying and your dreams can come true.

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