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Dances with the gods

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Dances with the Gods: Canaanite-Phoenician Myths & Legends Retold

Bringing ancient myths into the modern era.

Imagine yourself born more than three thousand years ago in a land both varied and beautiful. Cedar forests covered its mountains. Corn and wheat grew in its fields and grapes flourished in its vineyards. Rivers rushed down its mountains through gorges so stunning that they gave birth to legends of the gods.

In ancient times, the land of Canaan, what historians now call Phoenicia, stretched northward from Gaza, on the coast of Palestine, to include Tyre, Sidon, Beirut, Byblos, Tripoli, Ugarit and Baalbek-Heliopolis.

Here is a set of myths that originated in this beautiful and varied land, their stories encompassing the whole of the eastern Mediterranean world, including Greece and Cyprus.


Size 210 x 270 mm
96 pages

Rimal, 2010
ISBN 978 9963 610 11 2

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Amazon Customer
A rare find

I am an adult with an interest in Bible and mythology. This is the first children's book I have found that tells about gods worshiped in Biblical lands. She seems to present them without bias and elaborates on Biblical descriptions of pagan gods such as Molech and Baal. This is book has illustrations and is almost 100 pages long. The pages are full of content and it's more of a book to be read to children than to expect them to be able to read it by themselves.

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