Sabina Mahfoud

Green Gold: The Story of Lebanese Olive Oil

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Text by Sabina Mahfoud, Mary Elizabeth Sabieh
Photography by Roger Moukarzel, Kamal Mouzawak

Lebanon’s mild winters and temperate summers are perfectly suited to growing olives. Hills and valleys are carpeted with olive groves, and it would be hard to imagine the country without them. Green Gold is a captivating journey into the heart of the olive growing regions, where you will meet visionaries, enthusiasts, agricultural experts, chefs and farmers dedicated to the production of the country’s ultimate treasure, golden olive oil. Discover for yourself the versatility of olive oil in Lebanese cooking by trying out the recipes in the book, and learn how the olive tree is much like the people of this small Mediterranean country, who continue to thrive through both adversity and good fortune.


210 x 270 mm
164 pages
Turning Point, 2007
ISBN 978-9953000268

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