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Libya’s Hidden Pages of History

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A Memoir

Former Prime Minister of Libya in the 1950s, Mustafa Ben-Halim experienced at first hand the stormy political life of the newly independent monarchy. He had been described as one of the greatest leaders of Libya's political history. While working tirelessly to guard his country against the intrigues of Britain and France (their plotting confirmed in secret official documents from the day), Mr Ben-Halim sought to build ties with neighbouring states. He established a close rapport with President Abdel Nasser of Egypt and tried to mediate between Cairo and London in the build-up to the Suez crisis. With Libya back in the headlines, this frank autobiography provides a rare personal glimpse into a formative period of the country's history.

Essential Reading:

  • Documents and files published for the first time and which have been released now after decades of secrecy
  • Highly engaging story of a former Libyan prime minister
  • Will appeal to people interested in Libya’s politics of the 20th century
  • Libyan history
  • Middle East history



  1.    The Road to the Premiership
  2.    The Political Situation in Cyrenaica Late 1940s - Early 1950s
  3.    The Fall of the Muntasir Government
  4.    The Constitutional Crisis of 1954: I Form a Government
  5.    The Political Inclinations of King Idris
  6.    The Assassination of the Head of the Royal Household
  7.    Constitutional Reforms
  8.    The Strengthening of National Independence
  9.    The Treaty of Friendship and Good Neighborliness with France
  10.    The Story of Oil
  11.    The Algerian Revolution and Libya's Role in its Support
  12.    Libya and the Tripartite Aggression against Egypt
  13.    Repercussions of the Tripartite Aggression
  14.    The Final Crisis Before
  15.    The Last Years of the Monarchy and the Coup of September 1969


544 pages incl. B/W photographs & Documents
Rimal Books, 2014
Language: English
ISBN: 978 9963 610 75 4

Libya’s Hidden Pages of History
Libya’s Hidden Pages of History Sale price€14.00 Regular price€18.00

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