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'love as light and love as shadow'


Afaf Zurayk has created what she calls a portfolio that “speaks of love” – a collection of love poetry. While the poems are intensely personal they touch on emotions affecting us all – “love as light and love as shadow”. Interspersed with the poems are drawings and paintings that are dreamy and ethereal in appearance, harmonizing with the theme of the collection. The book is an exquisite celebration of one of the deepest and strongest of human emotions.

Lovesong is a portfolio of poems and paintings that unfold rhythmically to echo love as it moves forward and backward in time. The paper was chosen for its lightness and transparency to help express the presence of the past and the future in the present moment. The precious and almost secretive nature of love and loving is found in the design of the cover that becomes a hidden treasure to discover and to behold.

*Recipient of the 2011 BABF Book Design Award.


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Lovesong Sale price€26.00

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