Afaf Zurayk

My Father. Reflections

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A very personal tale

"This essay in photograph tells a very personal tale. Yet in its scope, the essay moves beyond the particular to explore an understanding of a very complex relationship of a daughter with her father. The father, Constantine Zurayk, was a historian and a leading force in contemporary Arab thought. The daughter, Afaf, is an artist. Drawing on this most basic and formative relationship, Afaf examines visually, through images of light and shadow, the deep roots of bonding as well as the concept of time as it unfolds for a historian and for an artist." (opening page)


Certainly a unique presentation, and one that is spell-binding as well.

Perhaps, not what you may expect.


In remembrance of Constantine Zurayk and on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of his passing, My Father. Reflections, by Afaf Zurayk, tells a very personal tale. These, in their depth tell of the power of that quest through clay figurines, sculpted by Afaf and sometimes placed in her drawings, as seen through the subtle photographs of Noel Nasr. The music of Gabriel Faure's Requiem and JS Bach's Magnificat is integral to the full creative experience of the artwork.

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