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رجال في الشمس

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   "رجال في الشمس"، هي الصراخ الشرعي المفقود، إنها الصوت الفلسطيني الذي ضاع طويلاً في خيام التشرد، والذي يختنق داخل عربة يقودها خصي هزم مرة أولى وسيقود الجميع إلى الموت. وهي كرواية لا تدعي التعبير عن الواقع الفلسطيني المعاش في علاقاته المتشابكة، إنها إطار رمزي لعلاقات متعددة تتمحور حول الموت الفلسطيني، وحول ضرورة الخروج منه باتجاه اكتشاف الفعل التاريخي أو البحث عن هذا الفعل انطلاقاً من طرح السؤال البديهي: "لماذا لم يدقوا جدران الخزان."


Men in the Sun (Arabic Edition)

Men in the Sun is the story of the lost legitimate scream of the Palestinians' voice that was lost long in the refugee camps, and dies inside a tanker driven by a castrated man who was already defeated once before: "Why didn't they knock on the walls of the tank?"


120 x 170 mm
112 pages
Rimal Publications
Language: Arabic
ISBN: 978-9963-610-85-3

    رجال في الشمس
    رجال في الشمس Sale price€6.00

    Customer Reviews

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    read the collection

    He truly was one of the greatest Palestinian authors.

    must read

    Ghassan trusted his reader's wits and conscience. I think we still should bang the walls of the tank, make noise and let the world hear our voice in every possible way. Ghassan's message got received! Read the book please!

    Suad M.
    To not forget

    Beautifully written, beautiful story-telling, this book is a must-read and a reminder to all Palestinians that we should not stop knocking on the sides of the tank. That we should continue to make noise. To not forget.

    incredible book

    What an incredible, exhausting and excruciating book. It's so short but I had to take breaks because it is devastating to see so clearly and transparently, how painful a person's life can be, an entire people's lives can be.

    A masterclass in short fiction

    Palestinian literature has emerged as an unlikely star of world literature. It is likely the most widely read and critically acclaimed and studied literature of the so-called Arab world, and is also marked by a fascinating and unique claim to universal, worldwide status. Palestinian literature is often not written in Palestine and not even set there, an inevitable consequence of the state of Palestinian national identity, which exists everywhere from the desolate refugee camps of the Arab world to the relative comfort of Arab-Israeli cities to the affluent elite of Santiago, Chile. Palestinian literature has been written in Arabic, Spanish, English, even Hebrew, and translated into dozens of languages....Men in the Sun neatly ties all these interesting threads, together with others, into a seamless whole in one of the most powerful, brilliant novellas I've ever encountered, a work so formally assured and brilliantly uncompromising that it reveals more truth than a thousand news reports....The truth is that Kanafani is considered one of the great Palestinians, named "the voice of Palestine," and considered an immortal symbol of Palestinian culture....It is a masterclass in short fiction, and while this translation makes the text more dry than it needs to be (or really is) at times, it is competent enough for the English-language reader to grasp its brilliance.

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