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The last guardian of the Mozoras station

In the 1920s, high up in the Troodos Mountains, close to Kato Amiantos, a small roadhouse with a veranda, and nearby spring-water was established by the Mozoras family. It was a khan that offered shade and refreshments for weary travelers.

In 1953 Michael Mozoras was appointed by the Colonial Government to be the postmaster for the area – and entrusted him with the “Mozoras” hand-stamp. The roadhouse became the Mozoras Station and the district would bare the family name. This unique development made the Mozoras postmark much sought after by collectors.

Sofia, the daughter of Michael Mozoras, ran the Station, until 2018 when she passed away.



Στη δεκαετία του 1920, ψηλά στα βουνά του Τροόδους, κοντά στο Κάτω Αμίαντο, κτίστηκε από την οικογένεια Μόζορα ένα μικρό αγροτικό σπίτι με βεράντα και κολώνες σε κυπριακό στιλ, δίπλα από μια  πηγή με  τρεχούμενο νερό από το βουνό. Ήταν ένα χάνι που προσέφερε ξεκούραση  σε κουρασμένους ταξιδιώτες.

Το 1953 ο Μιχάλης Μόζορας διορίστηκε από την αποικιακή κυβέρνηση σαν αγροτικός ταχυδρομικός πράκτορας και του δόθηκε ταχυδρομική σφραγίδα «Μόζορας». Το αγροτικό σπίτι έγινε «Σταθμός Μόζορα» και η περιοχή φέρει σήμερα την επωνυμία της οικογένειας. Αυτή η μοναδική εξέλιξη έκανε τη ταχυδρομική σφραγίδα «Μόζορας» πολύ περιζήτητη από συλλέκτες.

Η Σόφια, η κόρη του Μιχάλη Μόζορα, λειτουργούσε το Σταθμό μέχρι το θάνατό της, το 2018.  


Falak Shawwa is a photographer with a passion to document the experiences and journeys of different people and the richness of their cultures. Her work has been exhibited in London, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Dubai, Beirut and Cyprus.


size 165 x 235 mm
128 pages (English/Greek)
color photographs
ISBN 978 9963 715 23 7


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Demetra kourouyianni
Meet Sofia

Falak Shawwa's captivating photography takes you on a journey through Sofia's life and the story of the Mozoras Station. A moving and heart-warming piece of history vividly told through her lens: pictures full of colours, smells and emotions that carry you right there and then. A real gem!Congratulations

Christina K
Excellent book

Excellent book. Got one as a gift for my father.

Katia C
A story Told with passion

A lovely simple human story told with passion. I really think this book should be part of the Cyprus postal service archives and sold at museums in Cyprus. It tells such a human story and how this woman and her family contributed towards Cyprus history.

Part of the fabric of Cypriot history

I would have never thought a story like this would be documented. It is a hidden gem from the mountains of Cyprus told in a very natural way. Although it is a personal life journey of a woman - Sofia - who dedicated her life to her family legacy and the Mozora Station, it is also a wonderful story that is part of the fabric of Cypriot history that would have been lost or forgotten if it wasn't for beautiful books like this one.

A great story told through photography

I loved reading this book by Falak Shawwa. She tells the story of Sofia Mozora through a simple narrative in Sofia's own voice and beautiful photography of her daily life. But the book also goes deeper into her past, her father's achievements and the history of the station.

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