Michael Prior

Speaking the Truth About Zionism and Israel

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Speaking the Truth About Zionism and Israelr
edited by Michael Prior

"In our struggle for justice and peace in South Africa we had to learn to speak—and listen to—hard truths. Our experience should encourage all who strive for justice and peace in the Holy Land. My visits to the Holy Land remind me so much of South Africa: apartheid is back, complete with the ‘Separation Wall’ and bantustans. History, it seems, repeats itself. Yet, if peace could come to South Africa, surely it can come also to the Holy Land. I welcome this book that exposes some of the hardest truths about Israel-Palestine. The distinguished contributors—from Israel, Palestine, the US, the UK and Ireland, women and men, Jews, Christians and Muslims—speak their Truth. Reconciliation will follow later." -- From the Foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu In this collection of original essays, 12 internationally respected scholars and experts examine the ethical and strategic issues of the Palestine-Israel conflict, and offer us a rare window into the realities behind Israel’s military occupation. It is an essential resource for anyone who wishes to understand the causes, underlying tensions, injustices and the tragically ongoing occupation.


264 pages
Melisende, London
ISBN 978-1901764260

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