The Crescent and the Cross

Harfiyah Abdel Haleem

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The Crescent and the Cross
Muslim and Christian Approaches to War and Peace
Forward by H.R.H. Crown Prince Hassan of Jordan

by Harfiyah Abdel Haleem, Oliver Ramsbotham, Saba Risaluddin


This text is the product of dialogue between a group of leading British Muslim and Christian scholars concerned about the alleged danger to the West of Islamic fundamentalism. It analyzes the ethical and legal principles, rooted in both traditions, underlying any use of armed force in the modern world. After chapters on the history, theology and laws of war as seen from both sides, the book applies its conclusions to firstly, the 1990-91 Gulf War and secondly, the Bosnian conflict. It concludes that Samuel Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations" thesis is a myth.  


135 x 210 mm
234 pages
Hardcover with jacket 
MacMillan Press Ltd., London
ISBN: 978-0-333-63811-8


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