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The Muslim Mind

The Muslim Mind
by Chris Waddy

The book provides a clear introductory explanation of Islam, especially but not exclusively presented for non-Muslims. It includes much material form personal interviews and correspondence with ordinary Muslims, as well as with Muslim scholars.

The estimate of the numbers who profess Islam was 900,000,000 in 1976, when this book was first published. Those who gather at Mecca each year include rulers, diplomats, businessmen and educators who play a responsible part in many of the vital negotiations of the day. This book allows them to speak for themselves. It puts the questions raised by oil, by the Palestinians, and by Britain’s immigrant communities in the perspective of a world outlook positive enough to open the way to solutions.

By copious quotation from Islamic literature, from modern Islamic writing and from personal interviews with Muslims, Dr Waddy has compiled a symposium of Muslim attitudes and thoughts, especially on topics of immediate importance, from family life to international agreement. The book is a singularly lucid exposition of the Muslim mind today.


Chris Waddy was born in Australia, and grew up in Jerusalem in the years that followed WWI. The tensions of that fomative period, and the common background shared by all the three great monotheistic faiths were part of her thinking even before she bagan a life-long study of Islam.

She was the first woman to study Arabic at Oxford, and specialized in the Arab side of the Crusades. She is the author of 'Baalbek Caravans', and of many articles on the contemporary Middle East at the time. She has travelled widely elsewhere in the Muslim world, from Malaysia to Iran and Nigeria.

Dr. Waddy, herself a Christian, believes that the West may have much to learn from Islam, and that many will find enrichment in the effort to understand it

140 x 220 mm
180 pages
Longman Group, UK
ISBN 0-582780616
Book Condition: Very good, tight binding, pages show very light yellowing, no marks or price stickers, Dust jacket: very good


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