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William Yale

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Witness to Partition in the Middle East, WWI – WWII

William Yale was born into the Anglo-American power elite in the late nineteenth century. After graduating from Yale University (founded by one of his forebears), he joined the Standard Oil Company and was sent to Palestine where he met Lawrence of Arabia, Chaim Weizmann, as well as leading Palestinians and Turks. He left Palestine when WWI broke out but returned as an intelligence agent for the United States government.


'...critical examination of the historical roots and motivations behind U.S. foreign policy toward the Arab-Israeli conflict over the past 100 years.' - WASHINGTON REPORT

'An impecunious adventurer, Yale prospected for oil in Palestine before the war, became acquainted with British spy T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia), reported to the US State Department on the region during the conflict, and served as an adviser to the commission.' - Michael Jansen, THE GULF TODAY


Prologue: Jerusalem 1914

  1. Youthful Adventures
  2. Life in Palestine: 1913-1917
  3. Diplomatic Deceptions
  4. Military and Political Maneuvers in Palestine
  5. Great Expectations: The King-Crane Commission
  6. Dividing the Spoils: The 1920's Partitioning of the Middle East
  7. Interlude: Interwar Years 1920's-1930's
  8. WWII and U.S. Palestine Policy
  9. No End of Conflict: United States Policy Failures
  10. Old Age: Reflections
Size: 145 x 215 mm

282 pages
Rimal Books, 2015
978 9963 715 24 4


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William Yale
William Yale Sale price€18.00

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All You Need To Read

All need to read to begin to understand what is happening in the Middle East in 2016!

Five Stars

This is a very interesting book. I learned many things I did not know before reading it.

Antony T. Sullivan
Partition of the Middle East During and After the First World War

Written by Professor Janice Terry, a distinguished senior scholar of the Arab world, this important book focuses on an American businessman, spy, diplomat and scholar who observed, and occasionally participated in, the creation of the Middle East that we know so well today. WILLIAM YALE: WITNESS TO PARTITION IN THE MIDDLE EAST, WWI-WWII, is the first biography of this scion of the American establishment who was born to great wealth but spent decades living in near poverty. This volume is much more than an overdue account of the life and career of a single man. Rather, it is the portrait of an age, an epoch that refuses to die and continues to shape the drama of our own times. The book is a page-turning read and deserves the widest possible audience.

Jagdish Seth

Congratulations for bringing out a book not only for research scholars but for lay readers like me who are pained to witness bloodshed and plight of refugees in Middle East for the last more than a century. I’m reminded of Shakespeare’s lines, As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods; They kill us for their sport.?

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