Rimal X San Francisco's Aswat Ensamble

San Francisco - This segment is part of a free online concert that was performed Oct 24th-25th, 2020 at 10am PST/8pm Jerusalem to globally celebrate Palestinian music and culture together. 
To watch the full video and musical performances, please visit Aswat Ensamble.
Aswat Ensemble is a collective of musicians and singers, of all ethnicities, whom present pan Middle Eastern music to the Bay Area community. Aswat's parent non-profit organization, Zawaya, stands at the intersection of culture, art and social justice and seeks to contribute to the multicultural discourse of the Bay Area with the Arab arts. Zawaya means “aspects” or “corners”, suggesting the many art forms to be discovered and enjoyed in Arab culture. @aswat.ensamble
Rimal has proudly and continuously supported Zawaya's initiatives and activities throughout the years in California.

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