Anna’s House

THE ROYAL NORWEGIAN EMBASSY, Tel Aviv - Anna’s House by Norwegian Author Odd Karsten Tveit

Anna's House, a book about the American Colony Hotel through the eyes of its founder Anna Spafford, has recently been published into English.

Anna's House tells the story of a young Norwegian girl whose family emigrated to America mid-19th century. Through willpower and iron determination she overcame personal tragedy, leaving America to establish a unique religious community in Jerusalem, the American Colony. Over the decades, members of the colony witnessed at first hand the shaping of today's Middle East. Anna's House is a gripping tale of personal struggles in a politically turbulent corner of the world. 

"Masterful...It is a great accomplishment to keep a constant high level of suspense without affecting the historical correctness. The reader get the feeling of learning yet is entertained. This is history at its best." -- Verdens gang, Norway's Leading newspaper

"This is history at its best. Gripping story told with love and knowledge" -- Dagbladet, Norway's foremost cultural newspaper. 

Odd Karsten Tveit is a Norwegian journalist, writer and economist, who has dedicated his life to the exploration of the Middle East.

Tveit has been a staff correspondent for The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation since 1973, and The Broadcaster's Middle East Correspondent for 12 years.

He is also prizewinning author of five books and of several television documentaries on the ongoing conflics in the region.

Tveit has served as a major in the UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon, and has been a frequent guest at The American Colony for the last 35 years.

Source: News & Culture - The Royal Norwegian Embassy, Tel Aviv


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