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Widad Kamel Kawar

Internationally known for her work to research, collect and preserve traditional Arab handwork, Widad Kamel Kawar, with affection and passion, sought to encourage a cultural understanding of the Arab ethnic identity and to preserve its rich heritage with her documented collection.

Widad Kamel Kawar has collected folk art for the last 50 years beginning with articles from Palestine and then also from Jordan. She has amassed an extensive collection to preserve a culture that has been dispersed by wars and conflict.

Because of her great interest in the subject and her love of her own Palestinian culture, she has unstintingly given access to herself and her own unequaled collection of Palestinian and Jordanian costumes to anyone and everyone doing research in this field. Without her knowledge, enthusiasm, and willingness to share, much of what is now known would be lost to mankind.

It is a continuation of this desire to encourage research that she has set up a resource center to encourage scholars, students, and any others with an interest in this heritage to come and study with access to her fine library, data base of her collection, articles, photo archive, in addition to the costumes and accessories themselves.