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Folktales from Palestine Volume I

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The soul of a people lies in the stories and songs with which their children grow up. From earliest days the human race has enjoyed a soaring imagination, reaching to the stars and also weaving patterns of action, of beauty, of heroism, and of humour to while away long hours of dimly lit darkness. In cave, tent, hut, or palace tales to beguile young and old have been transmitted by bard, and ‘babushka'.

In this collection of folktales Najwa Kawar Farah gives a personal collection of Palestinian fables. In times of stereotype and of controversy, to capture simplicity and humour is important. Here we encounter magic and menace, tricksters out-tricked, djinns and camels, the miser and the hospitable peasant, the poor boy making good, poignant loss and happy ending - all drawn from human nature no divisive overtones. 

Two volumes:
210 x 210 mm
60 pages each
Rimal Books, 2008
Vol.1 - ISBN 978 9963 610 31 0 (2008)
Vol.2 - ISBN 978 9963 610 32 7 (2008)

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