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History in the Arab Skies

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'Gerald Butt's excellent and definitive book shows how aviation is woven into the troubles history of the modern Middle East.' - Jeremy Bowen - BBC Middle East Editor
'Often controversial, always immensely readable, this is a book full of interest and surprises.' - Alexander Frater, author of Beyond The Blue Horizon


Aviation's Impact on the Middle East

Today, Gulf airlines are major international players, and Arab air forces are leading customers for military aircraft. But the region’s link with aviation is far from recent. History in the Arab Skies reveals the close relationship between the Middle East and flying from the earliest days of flight and analyses the decisive impact it had on the political complexion of the region. This book, colourful, and richly illustrated, tells how flying and the history of the modern Middle East are interwoven. It will have broad appeal – not least to the millions who fly to or transit the region each year.
150 x 230 mm
280 pages including B&W photographs
Rimal Publications, 2011
Language: English
ISBN 9789963610730
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History in the Arab Skies
History in the Arab Skies Sale price€14.00

Customer Reviews

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Ulf Lennart Hagman,
History in the Arab skies

Good book that was easy to read. Also appreciated the illustrations for the different chapters. The book gives a good insight into the history of aviation in the Middle East. Would recommend it as a reading for those interested in flying.

Worthwhile, but read with caution

This is a well-written, worthwhile book with an unusual perspective: the role of aviation in the recent history of the Middle East. Mr. Butt is not an academic, and the work is clearly a labor of love, based on his expatriate youth and long professional career in the region. The author has collected many forgotten aviation yarns, such as the doomed Husseini defense of Jeddah bolstered by expatriate ex-imperial Russian pilots....However, the author does have a profound and original insight, hiding in plain sight but largely overlooked by Middle East scholars: that modern Middle Eastern societies have become dependent on aviation to a greater extent than almost anywhere else in the world, and aviation has had a profound impact on the evolution and development of these societies.

Ramez Farid Yaghnam
Unlike any other

I saw the book by chance in a bookshop in Amman and thought that the other books available on this subject -rare as they are- were more into war and politics. This book was indeed different with the author having actually lived in the Middle East and experienced the Arab culture. The information is very well researched. Truly a very interesting, enjoyable and enlightening book full of information and interesting facts that I probably wouldn't have gotten from anywhere else.

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