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History in the Arab Skies

  • Aviation's Impact on the Middle East

    Today, Gulf airlines are major international players, and Arab air forces are leading customers for military aircraft. But the region’s link with aviation is far from recent. History in the Arab Skies reveals the close relationship between the Middle East and flying from the earliest days of flight and analyses the decisive impact it had on the political complexion of the region. This book, colourful, and richly illustrated, tells how flying and the history of the modern Middle East are interwoven. It will have broad appeal – not least to the millions who fly to or transit the region each year.

  •  Size 150 x 230 mm
    280 pages including B&W photographs
    Rimal Publications
    Language: English
    ISBN 9789963610730

  • 'Gerald Butt's excellent and definitive book shows how aviation is woven into the troubles history of the modern Middle East.'
    - Jeremy Bowen - BBC Middle East Editor

    'Often controversial, always immensely readable, this is a book full of interest and surprises.'
    - Alexander Frater, author of Beyond The Blue Horizon

Author: Gerald Butt

Product: Books

Category: History & Memoirs

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