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Reflections from Palestine

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A Journey of Hope

Reflections from Palestine tells the story of life under Israeli occupation. The book opens at the outset of 1967 "Six-Day" war" and describes the relentless series of "temporary measures" that became the binding, suffocating reality of occupation leading up to and following the Oslo Accords. Khoury explains the wide-ranging social and political problems facing Palestinians under occupation through the sweet and sorrowful experiences of family and community life. 

Khoury has been an active community volunteer worker throughout most of her life. She is a founding member of the Board of Trustees of Birzeit University and Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Centre. She earned recognition from local NGOs and a citation of merit award from the alumni association of Southwestern University.

She was married to the late Yousef Khoury who passed away in 2004, and lives in East Jerusalem close to her two children Dina and Suhail, and her seven grandchildren.

* Shortlisted - MEMO Palestine Book Awards 2014


'She makes her reader live with her the anxiety of a mother and grandmother, yet she never sounds bitter and never loses hope because she strongly believes in the justice of the cause of her people, the Palestinians.' - Rev. Naim Ateek

'Her personal integrity shines through these pages.' - Gregory Jenks, Academic Dean at St Francis Theological College

'Samia makes you feel motherhood, sisterhood, and accommodate you in her neighborhood. Her words as if reflecting the words of every Palestinian Woman.' - ARAB WOMAN MAG

'This book is a comprehensive diary of Palestinian life over the last 40 years.' - THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE

'a most necessary history lesson' - EILEEN FLEMING

‘...sweet and sorrowful experiences of family and community life under occupation.' - SABEEL

'Samia Khoury successfully provides the reader with an engaging and at times emotional description of the misery experienced by Palestinians by exploring the wide-ranging social and political problems facing them under occupation through the sweet and sorrowful experiences of family and community life.' - MEMO Palestine Book Awards


Size 145 x 215 mm
240 pages incl. photographs + documents
Rimal Books
ISBN: 978 9963 715 11 4


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Reflections from Palestine
Reflections from Palestine Sale price€14.00

Customer Reviews

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Mrs Hatch
Absolutely beautiful story of life as a Palestinian

Absolutely beautiful story of life as a Palestinian. The Author was educated in the U.S., is a Christian and is a leader in the quest for peace, women's rights and the return of Palestinian land. If you are looking for an inside perspective on what it is like to be a Palestinian, this is a good read.

Enjoyed reading the book

Enjoyed reading the book. It sheds light on the difficulty of an Arab Christian living in occupied Palestine. How the people were and are still treated today.

Joe Elmore
Hope over desperation

It is a wonderful book by a person who writes from years of grim experience. The theme of hope in spite of the hopelessness Palestinians have to live with day by day is a powerful one but it has always been a theme of Samia's life. I have gained much from knowing her and reading her writings. IN spite of the terrible things she recounts, most of which I have heard from her in person, she shows no desperation but hope, hope, hope. Her life inspires all who know her. It has been a privilege to know her and to learn from her example.

BDS Associates Consignment
A must reading to regain our balance of sanity and American Values

This book is a must reading for every American who seeks a clear understanding of the questions "why they hate us", and "why 9/11."

It is a factual record of the living hell under occupation by Israel who needs to "defend its loot" from, and continue with its ravaging and dispossession of the indigenous population under any and all pretenses, until the demise of the last person standing in their way. This is done with the support of our government, financially, media deception, and control of our foreign policy.

To wit the great wall on Arab lands, atomic arsenal, Israelis jails (Stys). "Targeted killings," Peace process, checkpoints, plundering, murders, snipers, tanks, F15s, drones, olive tree uprooting, house demolitions, the list is endless.

We Americans condone all in the name of "democracy for Jews only." Does anyone see a contradiction in terms here.
Our interest in the Arab oil fields is also our top priority. The pain is on all sides. It is a delightful bio told with tranquility.

Two thumbs up.

Eileen Fleming "Author, Reporter, Leader TNT"
Why is this woman smiling?

Among the many stories Samia tells us, the one that may explain why she still can smile after so much misery is the story of Josef Ben Eliezar who had been an Israeli soldier in 1948. Samia tells us of the day Mr. Eliezar spoke to hundreds of international and local Christians attending Sabeel's 7th International Conference "NAKBA: MEMORY, REALITY AND BEYOND". Mr. Eliezar spoke about 1948 and the part he played in the expulsion of the Palestinian population from Lydda and of robbing them of their money and personal possessions.
Samia writes, "Josef could not live with the reality of that day in July 1948. He realized that what he had done to the Palestinians was what the Nazis had done to his people and to his family before he emigrated from Germany to Palestine after the Holocaust. The inhumanity of that war, which as a Jew he had believed was a war of liberation and independence, haunted him until he eventually left the country and settled in Europe.
"I was so moved that I stood up and recognized his courage, thanking him for his testimony and assuring him that we do forgive him... Maybe Samia smiles because she does just that- and she believes in her "dream that could still be realized if the Jewish people would ponder and act in accordance with the words of their great prophet Micah:

 'What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.'"

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